Smoking Effects: 21-year-old Girl Reveals Why She Got Addicted To Cigarettes

Elisha Fokob, a 21-year-old girl, has revealed that she loves smoking because she was born in it. She says she is part of tobacco and smoking is part of her.

“I grew up only with my siblings, where everyone smoked. I saw them smoking when I was at the age of 7. At 11, I also started smoking till present date,” she said.

The 21-year-old student said she loves smoking and will always want to produce smoke by herself because it makes her feel great.

“Smoking helps me when I am lost, and it inspires me. I often smoke, most especially when I am happy, sad, frustrated or angry. It calms me down and has been my best friend, because, it has been of great help to me,” she added.

The youngster further stated that she takes at least 4-5 sticks of cigarette per day because she believes it brings her comfort and joy. So spending money on it is no big deal to her.

Elisha says though she smokes, she still has some persons she can call friends. They have accepted her for who she is and have severally advised her to cease smoking.

“I wish I can stop the habit, but it is difficult for me,” she said.
She disclosed that she also has a boyfriend who does not have a problem with her smoking.

“It does not, in any way, disturb him because he also smokes,” she added.

“Smoking, I know, has side effects. I have a little chest problem, which I think is caused by smoking. I always take enough milk to reduce the nicotine in my system.

“Smoking is not something good; it can damage one’s system. It is easy to plunge yourself into smoking, but very hard to stop. Once you start, you always want to do it and gradually become an addict. Smoking is like a drug for me.

“I always advise people, especially my friends, not to smoke, because it is not suitable for health and can result in many illnesses in them.

“My case was different, because, there was no one to advise me, and I grew up in a home where everyone indulged in smoking. I want to stop, but it is so hard to.”


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