Professor (Prof) Prosper Nkou Mvondo, leader of Parti Univers that invested in Cabral Libii Ngue as the party’s candidate at the October 7, 2018, Presidential election, has accused him of betrayal, slander, bad faith, and for being an ingrate.

“A wise traveller does not turn around and insult the boatman after the boat has helped to transport him across the river,” Prof Nkou Mvondo, a longtime critic of President Biya, quotes an adage, in an open letter addressed to Cabral Libii on Monday, August 5, 2019.

Nkou Mvondo, a senior Law Professor who currently lectures at the University of Ngaoundere, and a regular participant on TV debates on sociopolitical issues, recalls the first time he came to know Cabral Libii was over the media.

He said he was impressed with his brilliant contributions and arguments in debates on sociopolitical issues.

Prof Nkou disclosed that his first political discussion with Cabral Libii was in 2016 when he returned from the United States where he had been invited to attend the convention of the Democratic Party.

He said during the discussion; he hinted Cabral Libii of a programme that his party had to prepare somebody for a candidate for the 2018 Presidential election.

22 Parties Refused To Invest in Cabral 

The leader of Parti Univers said that in August 2017, Cabral Libii, who had become the leader of a movement known as ’11 million citizens’, disclosed his intention to be a candidate at the 2018 Presidential election. But, since Cabral had no political party, he set out to look for one that could accept him as Presidential candidate.

Mvondo disclosed that Cabral wrote to a total of 22 political parties, but all the parties rejected the request.

Nkou Mvondo further disclosed that Libii tried to follow the other alternative to be an independent candidate, but that could not also be possible as he couldn’t get the required 300 signatures. He said the only two signatures that Cabral got were from Parti Univers.

Nkou Mvondo said he finally had to convince members of the Directorate of his party to allow the young Cabral Libii to be the party’s candidate. He said Cabril became his political son.

But Nkou Mvondo regretted that, after the Presidential election in which Cabral emerged third in the official results that were declared by the Constitutional Council, and became so excited with his ‘success’ that he became arrogant.

He said after the Presidential election, Cabral first told him that he wanted the post of Secretary-General of the party, but that he told Cabral that the post of Secretary-General does not exist in Parti Univers. He said he, however, promised that he would try to look for a post for him in the Directorate of the party.

Cabral Libii Abandons Political Father

Nkou Mvondo said the next thing he heard was Cabral Libill making pronouncements over the media that he was going to create his own party.

He alleged that in a speech that Libii delivered in France, as well as some declarations he made back in the country, he told a lot of lies about him and even about his family and the party, which he considers defamatory.

He said many of Libii’s comrades of the ’11 million citizens’ movement, who are predominantly youths, have also since after the Presidential election, taken to the social media to attack him and his party.

“Cabral making statements which I consider as lies against me.”

Nkou Mvondo told Cabral that, contrary to what he and his followers of the ’11 million citizens’ movement are claiming, it is not him who has made Parti Univers known.

He said it is rather ‘Parti Univers‘ that has given Cabral the political dimension and image that he has today.

 Cabral Becomes Party President

Nkou Mvondo said he was shocked to note that Cabral found it difficult to register his political party, ‘The Patriots’. Instead, he lies that I am a person who is blocking him at the Ministry of Territorial Administration.

He stated that Cabral has gone on to take over the leadership of a party, ‘Parti Camerounais pour la Reconciliation’, whose founder is based in the Far North Region.

He also disclosed that he was again shocked that the person he calls his son visited Ngaoundere and did not bother to even stop by his residence, to greet him; but met with some members of the Directorate of Parti Univers‘ and tried to convince them to come over to his party.

Prof. Mvondo also said that he has tried several times to meet with Cabral for them to sit down and talk, but that the latter has been avoiding him.

He said he has travelled from Ngaoundere to Yaounde for a rendezvous with Cabral but was again shocked that he instead sent one of his collaborators to meet with him.

He later tried again to meet with Cabral through a Priest who is a friend to the two of them, but things still did not work, because he continued being evasive.

“From all indications, Cabril is avoiding to meet me, and that it is for this reason that I have decided to address the open letter to him.”

The leader of Parti Univers reminded Cabral in the letter that he signed a convention with Parti Univers which extends to the Legislative and Municipal Elections.

He said somebody who has an ambition to the President of the Republic, an MP or a Mayor, respects the terms in any document he signs.

He also called on Cabral Libii to strive to bring his comrades, as well as himself, to be respectful, especially to their elders, and to stop childish talks.

Prof. Mvondo pointed out that he is a senior university lecturer, and that Cabral and his comrades have been raining insults on his person for no just reason.

 “I wish Cabral well in his ambition to become either an MP or a Mayor, but I advise him that in life humility or respect for the elders pays” Professor Nkou Mvondo concluded in his letter.


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