Brand New Car Up For Winning At Limbe FESTAC 2019

Toyota Yaris to be won

A brand new Toyota Yaris Car, worth FCFA 15 million, has been put up for grabs as the first prize in a tombola draws during the 2019 edition Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture, FESTAC.

The Limbe Government Delegate, Andrew Motanga, and Chair of the Limbe FESTAC Steering Committee announced on February 20 to the press that the festival shall run from Saturday, April 6th to Saturday, April 13th.

He said the tombola draw was the latest innovation for this year’s edition of FESTAC. The brand new car, he further disclosed, shall be just one among some other 50 sets of prizes equally valued at several million.

To become a winner of the Toyota Yaris car or any of the other prizes, those who want to participate in the draw shall need to buy just a ticket for FCFA 100,000.

The sales of the ticket, he disclosed have are at different sale points to be located at Idenau, Limbe I, Limbe II, Limbe III, Douala, Yaounde and other towns such as Tiko.

In a more detailed analysis, the Secretary-General of the Limbe City Council and Secretary of the FESTAC Steering Committee, Charles Arrey Nkongho, disclosed that the draws shall be made up of 50 prizes with 35 of them being consolatory prizes made up of five standing electric fans, five juice mixers, five electric irons, five blenders, 10 mobile phones and five tablets.

Andrew Monjimba Motanga, Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council speaking to media.

Meantime, the major prizes shall include a 2018 model of the Yaris car, seven motorbikes of different brands, two deep freezers, a big gas cooker, two plasma screen TV sets and two laptop computers.

“With the Limbe FESTAC, 2019, you can win a car worth FCFA 15 million with just FCFA 1000. Also, this can only happen in Limbe, the Town of Friendship,” Motanga stated.

The institution of this tombola draw, the Government Delegate said; has been done to enable the population to derive more benefits from the festival which, for the past five years, since 2014, has become a yearly opportunity where the people of Limbe, from their different cultural backgrounds, come out to savour the richness of their cultural values as well as cement their living together as one in Limbe and beyond.”

The disclosure of the Government Delegate was saluted by the public as this will come a long way to add to the benefits which the population of Limbe and beyond has been getting from FESTAC.

That’s beside the different cultural displays which, for the past, have been a thrill to many a people, the Festival has also been an opportunity where young Cameroonian athletes who participate in the Idenau-Limbe Marathon earn some money for their well being.

Besides, the Miss Limbe FESTAC beauty contest, the Canoe race, traditional wrestling, tug of war contest, musical concerts and so on, are just some other opportunities that youths with talents have been benefitting from in terms of the prize money they have been winning.

The journalists were concerned about the on-going Anglophone crisis which has been perturbing many activities in the two regions.

The Government Delegate stated that the Limbe FESTAC was a cultural show for the people, by the people and of the people and not for himself.

He said it was not against anybody, as such, and has been welcomed over the past years by the public and he is hoping and wishing that the population would show the same welcome for the past years.

He said that if the people are for FESTAC, then there should be no security worries as FESTAC is out for the people of Limbe to showcase and enjoy their culture.

“This town was founded on God’s foundation by Alfred Saker, and we are certain that the people shall remain a peaceful people,” Hon Gladys Etombi intimated.

She, as Chair of the Miss FESTAC pageant urged all the young girls wishing to grab the FCFA 500,000 first prize for 2019 to start registering. The Miss FESTAC Contest has been billed for Saturday, March 30th.


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