Two footballers found dead after escaping Amba boys

Two Cameroonian footballers who went missing for over a week were found dead new a river in Batibo after escaping an alleged Separatist fighters (Amba Boys) excess.

The two footballers who plied their trade with Northwest region based clubs were returning from Mamfe in the Southwest region with two others were they took part in a holiday football championship.

The two, Monthe Luis and Chi Collins who lost their lives, played for National Polytechnic Bambui and Rainbow FC of Bamenda respectively.

According to our source, the four players after the in Mamfe, were cautioned not to return that same Thursday, August 15. However, the warning fell on deaf ears as they decided to return.

While on their way, they were stopped at Widikum by alleged Separatist fighter. They were asked who they were and when they said they were footballers returning from a football game, they were ordered to come out from the car.

The four players came out and the Amba Boys started torturing them by hitting their heads with dane guns. After torturing them, our source said, petrol was poured on them to burn them. Frustrated that they could not get a match to set them on fire, one of the players used this opportunity to get back into the car and hid himself behind.

Our source narrated that they also pour petrol on the car but when they discovered that a pastor was in the car, they asked the driver to go. This was how one of the players survived.

The rest three took to their heels with two, Monthe Louis and Chi Collins jumping into the water while the other player, Ngoufang hid himself beside the bridge.

It was only minutes later that Ngoufang came out from his hideout and went to a nearby house in Widikum that he was given food and new dress. Later, he was able to travel to Bamenda.

The search for Monthe and Chi didn’t yield any fruit.  It was only on Wednesday, August 21, that the corpses of the aforementioned two were found at the river banks in Batibo.

As per tradition, their courses were buried at the river banks.

Since the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis, the Cameroon football family in the two Anglophone regions has had their own share of the negative impacts of the crisis.

It started with the kidnappings of Coach Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso, Coach Augustine Tchoupo all former coaches of Yong Sports Academy and PWD Bamenda respectively. There was also the abduction of 23 University of Buea FC players.

In Lyssoka in the Southwest Region, an interquarter competition failed to take place after Alleged Amba Boys stormed the area on the opening day flogging both players and spectators.


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