Catholic Church Priest weighs in on miniskirts debate

Many opinions on the wearing of short skirts or miniskirts are increasingly splitting public opinion along different lines of thought.

In the body of Christ, observers say the polemic of women dressed in miniskirts exposing their thighs and contours is increasingly gaining grounds.

Moralists argue that there is a dichotomy between outfits for church services and those for social engagements.

According to Rev. Father Philippe Georges Mballa of the Ndzong Melen Catholic Church-Yaounde, the dressing should be in respect of where a person is going to. Fr.Mballa said every location has its outfit.

“Dressing should be done with respect to the different environments in which one can be found or may wish to go. There are outfits made for some occasions like sports, office works, night clubs and other mundane activities but when it comes to church services, there are responsible dresses which are appropriate to seat in the presence of the Lord,” Fr. Mballa stated.

He added that “there exist moral obligations within the context of the church which imply that women should concentrate on praying and helping him or her by her side to praise the Lord instead of causing distraction with impudent looks. Miniskirts are not to be put on in the church, and I call for self-conscience, responsibility and respect towards the body of Christ”.

The Clergy said, “it is preferable not to exhibit oneself into God’s temple dressed in a short skirt and other crazy outfits. The reason is that it impeaches other Christians from focusing on prayers and establishing a relationship with God. Moral ethics are primordial while in the church so as to keep away from curses as a result of the wearing of shorts skirts and others and as such a church may implement rules and regulations binding on its faithful.

The priest quotes the Holy Bible in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; “Do you know that your bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Thus, honour God with your bodies”.

Tabe Takang, a member of a Pentecostal church, said: “most at times women dress in miniskirts in order to seduce the pastor to provoke his “instrument of mass destruction” in between his legs to carry out its main function.”

Takang said: “some women in search for men to satisfy their sexual desires ravage into churches and tend to see male pastors as a means for their dreams to become true. In churches, there are more women than men and amongst which slay queens in search of ‘divine marriages with Men of God win the majority.”

Marie-Jose, a Christian, said: “I put on short skirts everywhere I go including to church because it makes me feel free and comfortable. It’s something I’ve been doing and do often, and I don’t like putting on outfits which will make me feel as if I were a sardine”.

She claimed that “temperatures now are very high, which causes a lot of heat, talk less of a church or whatsoever where we may be crowded and choked up. It creates heat, and the environment may be compared to a blast furnace” she added.


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