Reverend Father George Nkeze, the President of Catholic University Institutes of Buea.

The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), has welcomed its football team, Catholic University Student Association (CUSA), and congratulated the players and the team’s management for lifting the flag of the institution high, by playing up to the finals of the Southwest’s Mini Interpools and returning with silver medals.

Reverend Father George Nkeze, the President of CUIB, in a press conference that was followed by a family lunch with the players, expressed his gratitude to the players whom, he called five-star, for having doubled their talents and performed in the various football tournaments.

He told players and media that their football academy, CUSA, was created with the objective to become a Cameroon and an African brand.

Harping on the goals of the Sports Academy, CUIB’s President told the players that if they do not keep on doubling their talents, they will, in effect, be wasting them.

He told a cross-section of the public that came to celebrate with the sport academy, that CUIB has taken up its own duty, which comprises making it possible for the team and its players to make the optimum use of their natural talents, so as to advance to bigger leagues and unite people through the game of football.

He frowned at the fact that so many companies and organisations in the country have shied away from investing in, and supporting the local leagues and sports, as they are supposed to do.

On the mentality of players always wanting to travel abroad where they think they can make the best of their footballing career, Rev. Nkeze told his team that the minds of Africans have, unfortunately, been tamed to think that they cannot succeed while making the best use of their talent in their country and continent.

“Africa does not need aid, the world tells us that we are beggars, our colonial masters tell us that we came to beg, it stunts outgrowth. We can make it here. We have to make ourselves great, instead of travelling to other continents and countries to make them great,” he told them.

Advising the players on the need to stick together and be of good conduct, he reminded them that “sport, properly conducted, develops good character”.

He cautioned the players against not believing in their potentials, drawing an example from himself, saying that he wasn’t taught to believe in what he can do and, as such, he could not fully tap into all of his potentials.

He salutes the team’s football spirit, praising them for conceding defeat and throwing their weight and support to their opponent, Victoria United aka OPOPO, that will be representing the region at the national interpools.

“This is what we are supposed to be doing, instead of destroying each other…I want celebrate these heroes,” he said.

The Prelate cum academician promised to expand the sports academy to all of CUIB’s satellite campuses in Douala and Yaounde, as well as put in the necessary support and enabling environment for them to reach their optimum best.

The players, on their part, expressed gratitude to him for investing in them and giving the necessary support and aid to keep the team going, at a time when several football clubs were folding up due to financial constraints.


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