Exclusive interview with pioneer Cameroon’s relationship matchmaker – Delly Singah

Delly Singah, Cameroon's foremost matchmaker

In an exclusive interview granted The Post, Delphine Anon Singah aka Delly, Cameroon’s foremost matchmaker and philanthropist, argues that in a world where the internet is taking over every sphere of life, online dating and matchmaking, will invariably be the way people will find their soul mates.

The celebrated relationship Coach and media personality, born and raised in Cameroon’s Northwest region are one of the Country’s pioneer matchmakers who, through her matchmaking platform, dellysmatchups.com, has brought together people, some of who have ended up as couples, thanks to Delly’s matchmaking and relationship coaching.

In this interview she explains the concept of online dating, matchmaking, and why many more people should engage in it, as a better way of meeting, courting, and eventually marrying their dream partners.

Read on:

Can you briefly tell our readers who you are and what you do?

Thanks for this opportunity to showcase my works. My name is Delphine Anon Singah aka Delly. I was born and raised in Bamenda, Cameroon and originally I am from Ngie, in Momo Division.

I am a philanthropist with the DellySingah Foundation, Media Personality with Delly TV and relationship coach and matchmaker at Delly’s Matchups. I am second of three girls and a boy, a wife, and mother of one and counting.

What is the new phenomenon of matchmaking all about?

Basically, matchmaking is the arranging of marriages or initiation of romantic relationships between people; usually between two people of opposite sex taking into consideration their differences and similarities.

At Delly’s Matchups we have a keen understanding of persons and personalities, cultures and environments, we are keen on vetting every profile (of our clients) that is interested in our platform; having basic info such as age, size, height, origin, residence, temperaments, medical status, a strong personal attribute and other necessary information that is necessary. Once a profile gets to us, we make sure we know who is behind the profile via pictures.

We put up the profile and once we get a Match, we immediately forward to our client who begins communication immediately.

We equally take pride in accompanying every successful match as they graduate from single-hood and, most importantly, providing our members with relationship counselling after they have been matched among many resources to enable our members to live in and for love happily ever after.

Do you focus on a particular region of the world or just anyone anywhere?

Initially, we tried to focus mainly on Cameroon, but as time went on, other nationals started sending in their profiles as well. So, we had to incorporate entire Africa. However, different continents are equally welcome. However, we are predominantly Cameroonians.

So far, what has been the success rate of this your initiative?

It has been quite successful and even more promising. We must understand this is seemingly a “new and strange” concept, especially to Cameroonians and much scepticism at the start made it difficult to get most on board. However, with the education and sensitisation we’ve been giving, many more are going, and so far we’ve had 10+ couples from our platform and many more in the pipeline.

What do you plan to do to increase awareness, and how will you convince sceptics to try matchmaking?

We intend to get a better website (presently under revamping) and make it free as we believe finding love shouldn’t be costly. Also, as I said earlier, we do a lot of sensitisation and counselling to sceptics who come to us.

We grant interviews like this; answering every question that we are asked and, of course, sharing of testimonials of success stories equally go a long way. We believe most sceptics will come around. It is just a matter of time.

What would you tell someone who believes that he or she can only find love through the ‘old school’ way?

Times have changed, and the world is actually on the internet. Just like buying and selling, teaching and learning and so on have been made easier via the internet, so too is relationships and hooking up.

There’s no limit to where people can meet. Once you admit that there’s nothing wrong with actively looking for a man, you’ll realise that online dating is the most sensible, time-efficient way to find him.

Rather than choosing from the five to 10 single men whom you happen to stumble into in a bar that night, you’ll have instant access to hundreds of prospects, with lengthy and detailed profiles describing their background, interests, personality and even sometimes their salary.

Do you think it’ll be a bunch of lies?

Could be, but don’t you think the guy on the next bar stool can lie just as quickly?

Do you foresee online dating taking over the traditional way of people meeting their soul mates?

Certainly, yes! The world is now on a fast lane and even more so as the days go by.

The traditional methods of dating are fast becoming obsolete and most likely to be overshadowed by online dating and matchmaking.

Moreover, people prefer spending their time these days on their phones than getting to meet one on one as it was in the days of old.

So, without any doubt, it is an absolute yes! Also, these could be why: couples who meet online have lasting relationships (research is proving so), more chances of finding a suitable partner as you’re faced with variety, and the internet has increased marriage rates, according to statistics.

You are also a philanthropist. Tell us more about that. What motivated you?

My primary motivation was growing up as an orphan. I lived first-hand the realities of orphanhood. The stigma and every ill you can imagine. Life was hard and most basic needs were a luxury to me.

I had friends and well-wishers helping at some point, but overall it was hard. Now I feel it’s giving back time to my community and especially to those who are as disadvantaged and vulnerable as I used to be.

Tell us about your strides in the media world and Delly TV?

Delly Tv Is a pan-Africa TV platform portal for 24/7 entertainment aimed at promoting web media/TV in Africa; it will be going mainstream in the near future. Thus content creation is our watchword.

It consists of a number of interesting programmes such as Facebook live streaming, Voxpop, Sports, Pidgin news, Comedy skits not leaving out the amazing Delly Singah Show coming soon.


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