Former African heads of state and government to hold a Symposium on Cameroon crisis

Joaquim Alberto Chissano, former President Republic of Mozambique and Chairman of Africa Forum (the Forum) to chair the meeting.

The Africa Forum of former African Heads of State and Government known as “the Forum” and other African leaders are to hold a symposium on “the evolving but troubling situation in the Republic of Cameroon” and call for “an inclusive and open dialogue.”

Joaquim Alberto Chissano, former President Republic of Mozambique and Chairman of the Forum (picture above) says, they have had the privilege to convey some of its views and suggestions to His Excellency President Paul Biya of Cameroon and “looks forward to further contact with President Biya on this matter.”

The intervention of the Forum is to support the African Union (AU) works to guide our Continent to achieve the Objectives detailed in the Constitutive Act and to take steps without delay to contact a broad spectrum of the people of Cameroon and invite these to attend what the Forum intends must be an inclusive and open dialogue.

This Symposium on Cameroon will be one of series of interventions to seek lasting solutions to the ongoing humanitarian, political and economic crisis in Cameroon.

The organisers say the meeting is to be held possibly in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia or any other African country which will agree with the Forum to provide a venue for the Symposium.


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