‘Ground Zero Generals’ declare double lockdown

Illustration: Ambazonia Military Forces General John, who says he commands thousands of rebel soldiers in Ambazonia, poses with his two bodyguards in the small town of Borrere, Cameroon, the Ambazonian flag proudly hanging behind them, on Feb. 13.

Separatist fighters known as Amba Boys have declared a double lockdown to thwart school resumption in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon which they call Ambazonia.

In a communiqué on Wednesday, August 14, the Amba Boys announced a two-week lockdown in the two English-speaking regions to frustrate effective school resumption in the war-torn part of the country.

Going by the communiqué signed by the various Separatists’ Generals’ on what they call ‘Ground Zero’ and shared by the ‘Ambazonia’ activists online, the lockdown will be in two parts.

The first will run from September 2-6, which is the first week of the 2019/2020 academic year.

Three days after, the second will run from September 9-13 in the second week of the new academic year.

As part of the communiqué, the Separatist fighters called on all Anglophones to stock their homes with food during these double lockdowns.

They also called on transport agencies and drivers to respect the lockdown and stay at home during that period.

The ‘Generals’ on ‘Ground Zero’ in the communique tried to justify their decision for the lockdown.

They argue that they can’t be school resumption without a solution to the crisis, the removal of Cameroon armed troops on the streets and burnt schools rebuilt.

Since the Anglophone Crisis started in late 2017, there has been no active school year in the Anglophone part of Cameroon.

Reports of burnt schools, teachers killed, some kidnapped, also cases of students abducted and in jails, with the whereabouts of some unknown, it is difficult to see how effective school can resume.

The Cameroon Government have been calling for school resumption in the two Anglophone regions but is failing to listen to the public calls to demilitarise the parts.

Calls for school resumption is a mix. Some people say schools cannot resume when the regions are still facing insecurity as there is no sense of normalcy.


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