Kumba young people challenge government to fund skills training

Youth in Kumba. Image courtesy of Living Green

Scores of youths in Kumba have challenged the Government to fund a vast skills acquisition campaign in the Northwest and Southwest regions to enable them to survive the frustrations of the current Anglophone Crisis while waiting for a solution.

The submission is the highpoint of a three day Net Impact Youth empowerment exercise, which spanned from June 13 to 15.

The youth empowerment exercise held at the behest of civil society organisations, ‘New Generation For Christ (NG4C)’ and ‘Net Impact’.

The organisations sharpened the skills of the youths on necessary income-generating activities to enable them to survive the arid economic situation that pictures the pains of the lingering crisis.

Philip Tabong Nchua, President of Net Impact, told reporters that the idea is to enable his peers to become self-reliant and offer them opportunities for survival.

Nchua said the Government should put in place temporary entrepreneurial skills acquisition programmes in the affected communities.

According to him, such intervention will help the youths to survive in the meantime since a solution is yet to be sought for the Anglophone Crisis.

The youth leader said the Anglophone Crisis has wasted many of his peers.

“We discovered that most youths are just roaming the streets since schools have not been functional. So we decided to train them on something to enable them to generate income. That is why we trained them on entrepreneurial skills, beats making, the transformation of coconut shell into other products, cake and yoghurt production,” Nchua stated.

Nkemnkeng Buddy Tabong, President of NCG4C, said they intend to execute the training twice every year.

Nkeng disclosed that with the prevailing situation, the training would be made regularly to reach out to more youths.

The NCG4C President also said they intend to reach out to prisoners. Nkeng lamented that the major huddle to their activities remains lack of finances.

The youngster said, such worries have been tabled even at executive levels, but much is still expected.

Monica Eta Ayuk, a beneficiary of the training said she had received skills to engage in petit businesses to feed her family and become independent.

Eta challenged the organisations to expand their training to help thousands suffering from the current crisis.

Another trainee, Ciara Nyando, remarked that “I have learned about abstinence, self-control, and creativity. She said the skills acquired will help her start a business and generate income during the holiday period. The trainees were certified to enable them access opportunities wherever they go.


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