My Brother,

It has been long. And a lot of sleazy and nasty things have happened and are happening. As you are aware, I’ve been on the road and on the run for all this while.

The Fourth Estate has bent over and is being sodomised by the Executive ‘For 30 Pieces Of Silver’. Some members of the Fourth  Estate have sold their consciences and are shamelessly flaunting the sleazy lucre, thrust at them in the most cavalier manner, by Django. If you have not seen or heard about it, get connected to the Internet. The ‘Leakiweaks’ are all over the social media. It is a horrible and an unfortunate situation, my brother.

The watchdog everywhere, anytime, belongs to the people. In the United States, God’s own Country, it belongs to, stands for and speaks for “We, the People …” In the Cameroons, before the advent of mercenaries in journalism, the watchdog belonged to, stood for and spoke for the “The People of Cameroon …..”

Now, the watchdog is embedded with the persons it is supposed to be protecting its master from. So, where are we? Someone described them as people who can donate their mothers and sisters to be raped – for a fee!

They have no feelings for the people who are dying in this stupid war. Instead of joining the popular opinion of calling for an end to the war, they have joined the few miscreants who are promoting the war and feeding fat from it, in total disregard for their kinsmen and women who are being slaughtered every day.

This is tantamount to having dinner with the devil serving you with his hands dripping with the blood of your own family.

However, there is always payback time. Nemesis never fails. Never. Remember that Jimmy Cliff’s hot number we used to dance to in those days, titled “Time Will Tell”.

Do you also remember the 1990s when there was a paper that heralded and articulated the Anglophone Problem and was adopted by all Anglophones? Have you remembered that most of you worked for and are products of the paper? Can you remember what happened to the boss after he had gained much popularity?

This same ruling cabal tricked him to shun the Anglophone Problem and dumb the opposition, while promising him a post. He swallowed it; hook, line and sinker and started nailing the Anglophones under the leadership of the governing council of Ngeka Luma, Chief Ayamba and Nfor Nfor; and the opposition led by John Ntarikon’s party.

The Anglicans and the opposition, in turn, dumped him and the paper lost readership, visibility and advertising. It finally collapsed and the boss – a man whose name had become a household name – later passed on almost unnoticed.

Ngwa, from the on-going within the powers-that-be, your bosses; can’t you see that the adage that those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad? What your bosses say or do sometimes makes me to feel ashamed in the presence of children and foreigners.

In the good old days, while growing up, we were told to think twice and speak once. That we should never open our mouths and start speaking before searching for the message or idea we want to put across.

Now, I am confused whether to send my children back to school or not. There is total confusion as one young man has sung.

When some government officials talk, you see the reason why children must go back to school, so that, in future, they can be like them.

When others talk, you have to try very hard to see any reason to send your children to school; if they would come out and talk like that.

When, yet, some others speak, you don’t see any reason to send your children to school, at all.

The subterranean and cavalier ways of a Minister, caused a man who was challenged to send his children to school to retort by asking if all the Ministers went to school. It is this same man who observed that, before now, Ministers flooded the educational institutions in the Nowe and Sawe with their children. They could even pay fees at once for all the years their children would spend in an institution.

How they get the money to afford that is another story all together. The poor man asked the Ministers and other government officials to, first of all, send their own children; then, he will follow suit.

When your Proconsuls  in Nowe and Sawe say on air that the thousands of people who were fleeing from Abakwa and Gbeya are students who came for holidays and are returning to the places where their schools are located; who are they serving or who are they deceiving?

How can two old enough adults be lying barefacedly like that? Maybe you should ask them to show you where such adult literacy schools are, that these old people were going back to after holidays.

When the Minister of Defence is bragging about hundreds of Dane guns, spears, cutlasses and even charms as items that have been seized from The Boys and those handed over by some who have surrendered themselves, as were displayed on TV a few months ago, I ask myself if he is listening to what he is saying. Does he mean that it is with those Dane guns, spears, bows and arrows and other artisanal weapons that The Boys (untrained as they are), have sustained the war with the entire State defence and security forces for almost three years?  

It is the same thing when the MPs of Uncle Sam’s country visited. They were virtually confiscated in Ongola, only to be told that The Boys had killed more than 300 regular soldiers. One would have expected that he would equally say the soldiers had also killed so-so-and-so number of The Boys, to demonstrate the might and superiority of our soldiers’ training, especially with the support of the Uncle Sam’s Government. By not saying that means Uncle Sam is wasting his support.

You guys should stop putting fellow countrymen to ridicule!





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