Nfon Mukete re-opens West Cameroon wounds and echoes J.N. Foncha’s resignation letter

In his outburst this month at the Cameroon Senate, the most Elderly Senator, Nfon Mukete latched out on the ongoing killings and destruction in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Using general expressions, he blamed his colleagues, the legislators and government for “playing games” with people lives.

Recalling history how both countries came together, Senator Mukete who campaigned for the unification of both West Cameroon and La Republic du Cameroun said he is now “in tears” as his people are dying.

He accused the government of authorising the military to “let’s kill the English”.

Senator Nfon Mukete’s outings is a bitter reminder to Anglophones of more than 26 years of fighting to regain integrity from a divisive union which they feel used, their institutions erased and their grievances do not listen to.

Echoes of John Ngu Foncha’s resignation letter
John Ngu Foncha, the late former Prime Minister of West Cameroon and Vice President of Federal Republic of Cameroon in his resignation letter on June 9, 1990, stated:

” All projects of former West Cameroon I had either initiated or held very dear to my heart had to be taken over, mismanaged and ruined, e.g. Cameroon Bank, West Cameroon Marketing Board, WADA in Wum and West Cameroon Cooperative Movement.

In point 4 and 7 in his resignation, he said:

“4) Whereas I spent all my life fighting to have a deep sea port in Limbe(Victoria) developed, this project had to be shelved and instead an expensive pipeline is to be built from SONARA in Limbe to Douala to pipe the oil to Douala.

7) The government has used the national media through people who never voted for unification to misinform the citizens about Bamenda; deliberate lies have been told over the mass media all in an attempt to isolate the Anglophone Cameroonians who voted for unification and subject them to hatred and more discrimination and harassment from other Cameroonians. ”

The newspaper front-page cuttings as seen below and above rewinds memories of the Anglophone struggle.




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  1. Sir permit me to draw your attention to some anomaly’s in the Genocidal War taking place in Southern Cameroon, West Cameroon/Ambazonian. Most commentators, Politicians, Journalist , International Communities and well wishers have been using the word Anglophone Crisis wish I find to be wrong use word and insulting to the people of SC/Ambazonians or West Cameroons. Until the truth is told LRC and the International Community will be unable to bring this Genocidal War to an end through meaningful and acceptable peaceful end. May I remind you that an Anglophone to LRC and International Community is someone in a country known as LRC wish SC/Ambazonian or West Cameroon is not and was not part of at its Independent.
    Until the truth is told of Two Countries coming together to form a Union that has failed because the majority in the union dominated the minority and not only that but breached the treaty of the Union wish is difficult establish if there was any evidence of one . To compound the problems of SCIANS/Ambazonians/West Cameroonians, and hide the truth, SCIANS/Ambazonians/West Cameroonians are now known as Anglophones and their Country and divided into two provinces.
    . The plot didn’t end by dividing SC/Ambazonian/West Cameroon into two provinces but eliminating any trace them by creating a new/old country known as La Republic Of Cameroon in 1984 by presidential decree and approved by its National Assembly.
    Therefore until you start telling the truth, the young people who have taken up arms to defend their country from a Genocidal War declared on them by leader who claims to be their president will not never come to an end. Before I end permit to ask one simple question as journalist and this goes to all journalist both written , TV and Radio: has there ever been a war in Country be it internally or externally that its Parliament is not involved, can you tell why its difficult for LRC parliament to a debate on the Genocidal War in SC/Ambazonian West Cameroon if they considered that territory to be part of their country?


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